Edda Jones

Edda Venusia Jones is an artist and graphic designer. After working in publishing for 12 years in Berlin, she returned to the UK in 2005 where she explored different ways of bringing good design to the proverbial and real table – through the mediums of photography, text, graphics, events and cooking. Following two projects in Dover – “minD OVER matter” on the hoardings around the old bus depot site on Russell Street and “Spinning a Yarn” in the now sadly demolished Centurion House Box Gallery on Bench Street – Edda ventured out across to Margate. “Close to Darkness” was a collaboration with Russell Burden at LIMBO: Working in the mediums of photography and sound, Edda Jones and Russell Burden sought to create a sensory experience in a darkened space. The participants entered near total darkness and were enveloped in a cloud of sound. A sharpening of their senses then helped to slowly discover the faintly glowing still images on the walls – revealing themselves fully as the eyes grew accustomed to the darkness. Symbolic cues to highlight the mystery of light and dark; the alchemical wonder of the photographic process mirroring that of retinal translation – underpinned by a careful study of abstraction. All the while, the site-specific sound piece continued and introduced another layer of sensory understanding.

Edda has been with DAD from the beginning and is responsible for DADs strong visual branding and graphic design. In 2005, she designed the now legendary visiting cards – in four luminous colours with the embossed DAD logo and has been happily expanding the graphic world of DAD ever since.