Helen Lindon

Helen’s studio is on the South East coast of England a few metres from the shore, looking out to sea.

“As I make my work I see, hear and feel the sea churning and pounding…relentlessly rising and falling through all seasons and all weathers. I love it and fear it and wonder at it – in awe of its immense power and beauty. The sea defences here are constantly under stress from the crashing waves and in the not too distant future, the relationship between land and sea will change dramatically – the ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising and wild, extreme weather conditions are becoming familiar.

Climate change is no longer science fiction – it is fact, and our beautiful blue planet is transforming herself into a habitat where the human race might not survive.

My work is a contemplation of this unknowable future…”

Helen exhibits her work mainly in London galleries and has worked as an Associate Lecturer and Assessor in ‘Art and Architecture’, ‘Colour and Communication’ and have researched and worked in ‘Study Support’ for The University of the Arts, London – at Central Saint Martins, The Byam Shaw and London College of Communication.