Joanna Jones

Joanna Jones’s practice over several decades has included an intensely private studio practice as well as the lateral collaborative structures she has helped found with and for other artists in the public realm.

Following a foundation year at Northwich College of Art, Jones continued her studies in London at the Byam Shaw School receiving her NDD in painting from Goldsmith’s College in 1966, the same year as starting the co-operative gallery Zeez Arts with artist Peter Kennard. In 1969 she won first prize in the Greater London Council’s painting competition, exhibiting at the Hayward Gallery before graduating from the Royal Academy Schools in 1970. She was co-founder of the London studio collective, The Works in 1973 where she met Carlyle Reedy with whom she consequently worked in Performance art. In 1978 she moved to Germany, where she established her painting practice exhibiting nationally and internationally. In Frankfurt she collaborated with the Fragile Theatre Company and in Berlin established the Pükler Salon. In 1997 she returned to the UK and settled in Dover where she co-founded Dover Arts Development (DAD) with artist Clare Smith in 2006. DAD conceives, manages and delivers ambitious projects within the visual arts, poetry and music. With the support of other artists, DAD connects and contributes to the lives of residents, many of whom are also artists, in Dover Town, Dover District, across South East England and Europe. Since 2005 she has worked closely with the Pharos Foundation, and collaborated with musicians she met there, including Peter Sheppard Skærved.

She has a residency space in her home for visiting artists and hosts events and conversations that have Dover at their heart in the DAD Urban room.

She is represented by Galerie Gilla Löcher in Berlin.