Nicola Dunsbee

Nicola Dunsbee works primarily in the field of Art History, which she studies at the Courtauld Institute in London. This discipline allows her to curate, as she co-curated the FRESHART exhibition at the Art31 Gallery, and in the future will curate arts events for Dover Arts Festival and Folkestone’s International Women’s Day Celebrations. Art History also gives Nicola a basis in the written word, as demonstrated in the exhibition catalogue she produced for the FRESHART exhibition. She is also a poet, whose work documents explore the lived experience of young female trauma, and this body of poetry is often performed in feminist events. She has been featured in the film ‘Count’ produced by Leah Thorn, which has been shown at Film Festivals across the world. Nicola is also a visual and musical artist, and has participated in many Dover Arts Development events throughout the years.