DAD provides opportunities for young people to get involved in creative activity through a range of different projects, enabling them to develop their creative and critical-thinking skills and ability to innovate. Engagement in the arts is known to boost engagement in core curriculum subjects  while an opportunity to take part in an arts activity can [...]

DAD is delighted to be working with Dover District Council on the delivery of  an ambitious Arts Council England funded project in Kearsney Abbey and Russell Gardens. The bid was submitted as part of the £3.1m Heritage Lottery funded Kearsney Parks project. The project involves a series of artist residencies and a park bench poetry, painting and [...]

The CHALKUP21 21st Century Art & Architecture trail along the Dover Strait between Folkestone and Deal now has its own website: Information on planning your visit, the nine structures and lots more

What is it to draw? Of only a few of the many dictionary definitions, to draw is to pull, to attract, to move in a specific direction, to extract as in expressions such as to draw attention, to draw near, to draw strength, to draw the curtains. In its meaning of to inscribe or mark [...]

Dover Town Council commissioned DAD to deliver the Pebbles project  to deepen the public’s understanding and appreciation of the geology of chalk and pebbles. The project included a range of events and raised awareness of the safe walking path to/from the White Cliffs from/to Athol Terrace for visitors and residents of  the Town. The path marks [...]

Dover Arts Development is proud to be working with The Marlowe in Canterbury on Phase 1 of Return of the Unknown, a project which explores how World War One is commemorated across five towns in Kent: what we remember, how we remember and what is forgotten. At Armistice, we promised ‘We Will Remember Them’ yet, as WWI [...]

FRESHART VIDEO of poetry being read at the projects final event October 2017   FRESHART brought together young people aged 16-25 in a 12 week programme of creative workshops leading to a public exhibition. FRESHART aimed to improve the mental wellbeing of the young people involved by inspiring in them initiative and bravery as they were given permission and supported [...]

Dover Arts Development is working with a network of schools, led by Astor College, on a STEAM initiative to help facilitate a strong link to develop between the arts and sciences at the participating schools through cross curricular and project based learning, underpinned by the concept of creativity across the curriculum. The overarching theme has been [...]

Spontaneous Creativity began as an experimental workshop as part of our War & Peace project and is evolving into an annual event.

The Table is a symbol of peace, inspired by Brancusi’s Table of Silence, part of a sculptural ensemble built as a war memorial to peace at Turgu jui Romania in 1937. The Table is constructed from timber reclaimed from iconic Dover buildings after 6 years the Table has returned to Charlton Green