What is it to draw? Of only a few of the many dictionary definitions, to draw is to pull, to attract, to move in a specific direction, to extract as in expressions such as to draw attention, to draw near, to draw strength, to draw the curtains. In its meaning of to inscribe or mark to draw seems fundamentally to be to make a record of directional movement, to pull a line through space or on a surface.

Drawing has become a key feature of many DAD projects, in particular the DAD4DADS 6 Ways to Wellbeing project and the 15 drawing workshops included in our WW1 Joined Up project. Marcia Teusink will be back with our contemporary art and architecture project CHALKUP21 leading a drawing workshop at each of the buildings and public art works that feature on the trail.

DAD also organises an annual intergenerational drawing event to coincide with The Big Draw with support from Dover Town Council and the Dover Big Local. This international celebration of drawing has grown from one day in October 2000 in the UK to an annual month-long festival of drawing across the the world. We have been running this in Dover since 2014.

As a non-verbal language, drawing has a power to transmute and evolve, adapting to each maker’s need to find a voice, meaning expression and empowerment are unsurpassable. For many it plays a key role in recovery in illness, health challenges, anxiety and times of major upheaval, loss and change.  For others it can help them re-connect with a community, combat loneliness and the sense of isolation.
Big draw website 2019

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Dover’s itinerant Big Draw 2018

Dover’s Big Draw took place on 23 October 2018 in 4 different locations: My Gallery Biggin Hall Dover Big Local Hub The Table This allowed the team to go to [...]

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PLAY: Dover’s Big Draw 2018

Join in and play! Dover’s Big Draw is running again this year on 23 October 2018 at different locations in Dover. All ages and abilities welcome. See poster for details. [...]