Art Talk

Cultural programme : St Edmunds Chapel Dover


Nicola Dunsbee’s Art Talk will be held on Sunday 23rd February 5 pm – 7 pm at St Edmund’s Chapel, on Priory Road (address below).  Art Talk will be an evening for artists and viewers to network, listen to other practitioners, and share ideas.  No booking is required for this event.

The evening will be split into two parts.  To begin the evening, there will be a space for artists to speak to the audience about something that has captured them.  Perhaps a book that has changed their practice, a place that influences their work, an artist they admire, a process that they’ve come to love, or a project they’re involved in.  These talks will be short – each one lasting no longer than five minutes – so that the talks are organic and unpressured, and so that together, the talks will become a dialogue.

The second part of the evening will be dedicated to speed-meeting.  Attendees will move from person to person, and will spend a few minutes with each person to introduce themselves and start a conversation.  We hope that the rare and remarkable space of the chapel can spark and catalyse ideas, and that speed-meeting can give artists a place to share ideas with a wide network of people.

If you’d like to speak in the first part of the event, please send the subject you’d like to talk about to  Rather than a proposal, a script or such, please send one sentence that says what you’d like to talk about – the event will be a relaxed space to speak and share ideas, rather than a series of formal lectures.  Your talk could last for one minute, five minutes or anything in between, and if you’d like to have an image behind you, please include this image in your reply.

Sunday 23rd February between 5 pm and 7 pm.
St Edmund’s Chapel
Priory Road
CT16 1BB

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