Banksy brings international interest to Dover


Between May 6th and May 7th 2017 artist Banksy gifted Dover an iconic art work that has brought interest to Dover from all over the World.

There has been much talk over the last years of the need for an iconic art work in Dover and overnight one arrived.

Not only is it aesthetic and brilliantly painted but like all good art wortks it is open to different interpretations and has initiated much discussion.

Joanna was on Radio Kent in the morning of its arrival


ARTE the German French Cultural TV network have made a 5min programme about Dover, Brexit, and Banksy as part of their Metropolis programme on June 11th. The report includes clips from the 2012 DAD feature documentary Watermark and interviews with Joanna Jones and Richard Bundy

The ARTE Dover report  starts at 19.15 min.

And NOW what’s going to happen to the Banksy?

June 16th Joanna spoke again on Radio Kent and local MP Charlie Elphicke started a movement to ‘keep the Banksy in Dover’.