CHALKUP21 drawing show


Selected drawings created by participants in the CHALKUP21 drawing workshops are being exhibited in the Samphire Hoe Education Shelter throughout September. The exhibition is curated by Marcia Teusink, who has been leading the workshops and whose special skill is to set everyone up for success, regardless of the extent of their drawing experience.

The CHALKUP21 drawing workshops were designed to encourage participants to explore the incredible interplay between 21st Century architecture and important natural and heritage sites along the Dover coast, through walking, observing and drawing. The exhibition at Samphire Hoe shows the fantastic range of responses to the five locations and nine architectural or artistic interventions in these sites. The artists are adults  with different levels of experiences, from professional to novice. While certain parameters were set by me as the workshop leader–in terms of materials and things to look at and think about–the drawings attest to the incredible range of responses that can come from a group of people working alongside each other and focussing on one particular theme in the same place. Rather than being photographic or scientific recordings of the sites, the art work shows the participants’ subjective responses to being immersed in the landscape, plants, birds, weather and architecture of the CHALKUP21 trail. (Marcia Teusink)

So many different ways of seeing the same things! Beautifully presented and juxtaposed, very much liked the use of the ‘driftwood’ supports and the studio look the magnetic boards gave to the works displayed. A wonderful Exhibition many thanks  (Visitor feedback)

The exhibition is co-produced with The White Cliffs Countryside Partnership.