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Cultural programme : St Edmunds Chapel Dover


Sunday MARCH 8th 2020 2-4.30pm

St Edmund’s Chapel, Priory Road, Dover CT16 1BB


Empowering Women Through Drawing and Writing
A Creative Workshop for Women and Girls of All Ages
With artist Joanna Jones and writer Fiona Beddow
Make your Mark … Find Your Voice …
No Drawing/Writing Ability Required – Come As You Are!

Why not come as a mum & daughter, auntie & niece, or grandma and granddaughter

Tickets cost  £10 for adults please book here

Tickets are £5 for under 16’s  please email to reserve these tickets and you can pay at the door.

Refeshments and toilet facilities will be available in the break at the Mean Bean Coffee Shop  80-81 Biggin street.

Please wrap up warm as the chapel can be cold.


Scheduled for International Women’s Day, and conceived to be part of the St Edmund’s Chapel cultural programme, the focus of this  workshop is to give women and girls the opportunity to ‘find their voice‘ through experimenting with mark-making and creative writing.

It will be hosted by Joanna Jones, an artist who creates by responding instinctively to the moments and situations she finds herself in – and Fiona Beddow, a writer of novels that champion brave and independent girls in the lead role.

Joanna and Fiona will mentor the participants throughout the session, and the intention is to take the participants on a creative journey, from tentative mark-making … to bold creative expression … to fearlessly crafting words into a personal and poetic statement. By the end of the session, each participant will have created an art work that is unique to them, plus a ‘statement’ piece of writing which has grown out of that artwork. Each participant’s pair of works will be made into a diptych, and it is hoped that these will be put on public display in a touring exhibition in a number of venues in the town. (The Stembrook Shopping Centre has already agreed to host the exhibition for one week.)

The session in more detail

The workshop will be aimed at women and girls of all ages (this includes any individual who identifies as female). People will be invited to come as mothers and daughters, aunties and nieces, grandmas and granddaughters, Brownies/Guides and guiders … or just as a group of same-age friends/WI members/knitting circle ladies etc etc! The inter-generational aspect will reinforce the idea that women are strong together and support each other, regardless of age.

The participants will be made to feel safe and welcome as soon as they arrive. Background music, carefully chosen from a selection of recordings of female artists with their own message of strength and femininity, will enhance the atmosphere. As an icebreaker, and to get folk relaxed and talking to each other, participants can complete Fiona’s ‘Girl Hero Challenge’ quiz and find their ‘inner girl hero’. The theme throughout the session will be ‘find your courage’, and Fiona and Joanna will share their own creative experiences as they work with the participants to express themselves creatively.

After a formal welcome from Fiona, Joanna will talk to the group about her own artistic approach, and encourage the participants to find their own ways to put ‘who they are’ onto paper. The participants will be able to benefit from Joanna’s long experience as a visual artist, as she guides them to find their own way to – literally and figuratively – make their mark, and to explore different techniques in order to achieve this. After a break for refreshments, Fiona will talk about her approach to writing and the importance of having strong female characters in literature (and in life!), before encouraging the participants to find their voice and create a bold piece of writing to match their artwork.

By happy coincidence, the philosophy of St Edmund which inspired Nicola Dunsbee’s Five Words series at the chapel, also underpins this workshop. St Edmund said, ‘Five words well said are better than five thousand said without devotion.’ Fiona will encourage writing confidence by demonstrating that writing doesn’t have to be florid or ‘clever’ to be of good quality: to quote George Orwell, ‘Never use a long word when a short word will do.’ Joanna’s segment, too, will focus on the idea that all drawing starts with the simplest of marks. The resulting art/writing diptychs, we hope, will be a potent testament to the strength and quiet courage of women, and worthy of exhibition in various venues in Dover.