The joined up Project is an exciting First World War commemorative project across the Dover District. 12 organisations and 14 artists participated in this two-year project which ended in May 2016.

The Joined Up project now has a Legacy website

The project had many aspects and in many respects was unique in the way it brought together museums, heritage and the arts; joining up contemporary artists with WWI history.

How was it done?

  • An artist was allocated to each organisation where they  researched connections to World War I inspired by the WWI artefacts they found at each venue.
  • Informed by their research the artist  created an artwork that can be used with visitors by volunteers to help interpret the collections in a new and interesting way. Read about how the artists are getting on by clicking on the relevant venue name.
  • Drawing and stitching (bunting- making) workshops in each venue inspired by the World War I artefacts in the venues and led by skilled artists. The workshops were free and open to museum volunteers and other members of the public. An online booking system was put in place for each workshop.
  • The bunting inspired by the venue and produced during the project will be used at special events and also as part of the collective, district-wide, events to commemorate the end of WWI in 2018.

DMAG Facebook page


You can visit the museums and Heritage sites and see how art can transform the interpretation and presentation of our shared local heritage!

To find out more about each project partner and to follow the Artists’ projects please click on the name of the Museum or Heritage site.

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