Manche Eltern kaufen ihren Kindern eine große Anzahl von Spielzeugen zum Spielen

It is true that the parents nowadays spend a huge amount of money for buying toys for their children. There are certain advantages to buying toys for children; however, the disadvantages are also worth considering. Both sides will be discussed in this essay.

The main benefit of buying expensive toys is that they serve an educational purpose. Parents believe that by playing with interactive games, children will enhance their learning skills and understanding. Many toys are designed to clarify educational concepts. For example, Scrabble helps improve vocabulary and word generation ideas. Consequently, children who play with educational toys can become smarter than their peers. Secondly, in families where both parents work, it is extremely difficult for them to dedicate enough time for the children. As a result, parents buy toys for their children so that it can compensate for the time they are unable to spend with children.

Despite the above mentioned positive arguments, there are some disadvantages to having too many toys. The biggest problem is that children become introverts. In the past, toddlers used to play outdoor games with their peers which in turn helped them develop skills such as leadership and team work. On the contrary, now they are becoming reclusive because they play alone with their toys. Therefore, they do not easily mingle with others. Moreover, family ties are weakening among this generation of children. As they spend less time with their parents and more time with non-living objects, they are not attached to their parents. This discourages them from sharing their emotions with their parents. Surveys have shown that teenagers are more comfortable sharing their feelings with their toys than their parents. Obviously, children are impacted when they have too many toys to play with.

To conclude, playing with toys certainly benefit children because it enables them to learn many new things and acquire useful skills. However, if children spend too much time with their toys or if they have too many toys, they may become introverts with poor social skills.