“We are committed to producing contemporary art of excellence, supporting artists’ practice, stimulating cultural activity and feeding into Dover’s economy. We aim, with values of inclusiveness, thoughtful partnership and emotional responsibility, to strengthen communities and widen perspectives through creative thinking and actions.”

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Let’s get together

Our DAD graphic designer, Edda Jones, created a special edition newspaper for our 10th anniversary. Unbeknown to us she invited Rosie James, Simon Partridge, Pierre Yves Brest, Marcia Teusink, Goetz Diergarten, Dominic [...]

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Big Steam Day: Pupil Voice

Here is what the young people said about the Big Steam Day on 23 March 2017: The astrodome: It was satisfying watching all the stars and about them, also the [...]

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Big Steam Day

The Launch of the Steam Universe project took place on 23 March 2017. Our Stem partner, the University of Kent, brought along their inflatable Astrodome and students from the five [...]