“We are committed to producing contemporary art of excellence, supporting artists’ practice, stimulating cultural activity and feeding into Dover’s economy. We aim, with values of inclusiveness, thoughtful partnership and emotional responsibility, to strengthen communities and widen perspectives through creative thinking and actions.”

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Weathertime in Dunkerque

Le temps qu’il fait le temps qui passe

On 14 January 2016 we visited Dunkerque for the opening night of Le temps qu’il fait le temps qui passe at Château Coquelle in Dunkerque, installed by our French partners in Chalk Up, Kate France [...]

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working sheet

Gateway to the White Cliffs: Elaine Tribley

We are pleased to announce that Elaine Tribley has been selected as the artist who has been contracted to create sculptural work to mark the entrance to the path up to [...]

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DAD launches Colouring Book

We launched our Joined Up Colouring Book as part of Dover Town Council’s Christmas Lights Switch-on programme. The illustrations for colouring in were contributed by all the Joined Up artists [...]

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DMAG partners Community Philosophy day

Dr Steve Bramall from SAPERE, Philosophy for children, colleges, and communities, led a day of community philosophy with representatives from the DMAG Group. The day started with some ice breakers and focus on getting [...]