Uwe Derksen

Uwe Derksen borne and grew up in Emmerich (Germany), a border town of the lower Rhine region, not far from where Joseph Beuys grew up and had his first studio. His first encounter with the arts was in the early 60s, through the local artist Hein Driessen, sitting alongside him and watching him paint and draw local motifs. The more provocative aspects came through sculptor Waldemar Kuhn’s ‘Das Schrottkreuz’ mounted in a local protestant church. Kuhn had a studio in Emmerich in the 60s and 70s.

Uwe went on to study social science, including philosophy, sociology and politics in Duisburg (Germany) and Canterbury. He works for UCA and holds the position of Assistant Director Research + Enterprise there. He is a member of the Art, Culture and Science research cluster and presented the “12 THESES v1” for one of the seminars.

He instigated and collaborated together with Anthony Heywood and Peter Liversidge on the Wild Flowers Project in Margate in 2009. He has produced the Imagine a Spectacle performance at the Theatre Royal Margate with workshops at the Herbert Read Gallery UCA Canterbury working with fellow artists Tine Bech, Anthony Heywood and Rafau Sieraczek (lead artist) in 2010. He currently co-producing a film about Margate together with Oscar-winning film maker Arnold Schwartzman OBE. He is also working currently with textile artist Lesley Millar on a European lace project: Transparent Boundaries – Dialogue with the Elder. Uwe’s approach to the arts is influenced by Beuys, Brecht and Stockhausen among others. He supportive of the Social Sculpture Research Centre at Oxford Brookes University and participates regularly in research seminars there.